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Sometimes there is nothing more inspiring than to collaborate with someone you don’t know on something unexpected. That’s what happened with Sara in Amsterdam.

Every year I’m going to Amsterdam for a few days in order to attend the FITC event (Future. Innovation. Technology. Creativity.). It’s an inspirational and educational event where you can meet people from the design and technology community. Even If I switched from my web developer career to photographer, I’m still passionate by what technology can bring us in terms of creativity. I like to think that photography is just one tool among others to create my pictures. So these kind of conferences stimulates my inspiration.

Anyway, the day before the event I checked the program to select which conferences I would like to attend. That’s how I read a bit about Sara Blake, an illustrator based in New-York and her amazing work. If you don’t know her, check her website hellozso right now. While I was digging about her on internet I found a video interview she did for Stacy (from bitchwhocodes) and some pictures of her on instagram. That’s when I started to think about making a portrait shooting with her in Amsterdam, because obviously she’s kind of a nice subject to take pictures of.

So without a second thought, I send her an email about my idea to know if she would be interested to find some free time for that shooting. Of course I was not really expecting a positive answer because it’s kind of brutal… I mean, can you imagine what it’s like for her when she read your email:
“A guy I don’t know from Belgium, sent me an email to take pictures of me in Amsterdam tomorrow.”
Kind of weird I guess…

Well, actually, less than an hour later, I got the answer from Sara accepting my invitation for a portrait shooting, she loved the idea. I was very happy and went directly online to check some pictures of the hotel’s decoration. Lucky for us, it was perfect for the kind of pictures I wanted. The day after, I was on the train to Amsterdam with all my photo gear.

Finally, with all the conferences and activities, it has been hard to find some free time for our project and we almost had to cancel it, but in the end we managed to find one hour for the shooting.

It was an inspiring experience because we’ll maybe never find the time to realize that again. She’s in Manhattan, I’m in Brussels, not the easiest way to get in touch.

That made me realize how important it is to take the opportunity when it’s there because you never know what tomorrow is going to be.

Thanks Sara for your time, patience, kindness and smile!

Don’t forget to check her work!


5 comments on "This is Sara Blake"

  1. Good morning. Hello my name is Steve. I find the art truly fascinating and have thought about having one done. I actually thought about having a tiger face done with my son’s names in the stripes…I have to also say I have never had a tattoo before. :)

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  3. Such beautiful photos of a beautiful human,I absolutely love Sara’s illustrations and have been a fan for some time now.
    Great Blog Post and Captures!!

  4. Wow, beautiful portraits Xavier! The subject helps, no doubt, but you’ve done a wonderful job with this set.

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