This is Jessica Walsh

Last month I was in Amsterdam again for a few days in order to attend the FITC 2015 event. (Future. Innovation. Technology. Creativity). When I travel for those kind of event I tried as much as possible to combine my trip with a collaboration. This year I had the chance to met Jessica Walsh from the studio Sagmeister & Walsh in New-York. She is an amazing designer, illustrator, art director, you can check her work right here:
So after I got her email accepting my invitation to do a portrait session, I directly started to watch some interviews of her on internet. I like to do that, because it allows me to get a first contact with my subject before really meeting them and in her case it actually inspired me for the direction and style of the shooting.
Below are the things that inspired me from the interviews: 
“I think that us as humans are inspired by everything we do in life, wether it be reading, going to the movies, going to museums, going to shows, having conversations, partying, like everything that we do in our lives is somewhat in our subconscience somewhere and when we work we are pulling from those things, so the more diverse experiences and things you do in your life, I think the more inspiration you can tap into.”
- Jessica Walsh
“I also have a lot of crazy weird visual dreams, so I think that’s also something that has really influence me”
- Jessica Walsh
At that moment, I knew exactly what I was looking for: A visual representation of Jessica while she’s pulling ideas, dreams, and other things from her subconscience. 
The challenge when you travel alone as a photographer is the ability to choose exactly what you need for the shooting before even knowing where you are going to shoot. In this case we decide to use Jessica’s bedroom in Amsterdam, I used a 5D Mark III with an external flash speedlite without diffuser and that’s it. I couldn’t bring all my gear with me as I was travelling by train, I needed to be as lightweight as possible.
I took each of those pictures directly in one shot with a long exposure. There is no blending or composition in photoshop.
Thanks again to Jessica for accepting my invitation, it’s really great to have opportunities like this, to collaborate with inspiring artists.

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